Born in the depths of West Auckland, the idea for 94posture as a fashion brand manifested from a keen interest in the constant progression of the fashion industry. This coupled with a lifelong passion for art and design is what birthed 94posture. A brand highly inspired by cartoon’s from the 90’s and early 2000’s, internet culture, and the bustling world we live in.

Our designs tend to be more bold and referential than a lot of the contemporary brands which helps us distinguish ourselves and stand out.

We as a brand, have had a number of false starts in our short run, from disappointing sample stocks to a complete rebrand ahead of launch. Regardless, we pushed through and overcame the hurdles to get the brand out into the world. With high quality prints on the most comfortable garments available, we look forward to seeing how far we can take this.

There’s something special about seeing someone wearing a piece of clothing you’ve designed. For that, we would like to say a huge thank you to anyone who has supported the brand.

To those who are just joining the 94posture family, we extend our welcome.

Because it’s not just about the clothes you wear, it’s about how you carry yourself.


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