Shop playlist vol. 2: Teen Angst

This one is a bit of a throwback: all the way back to our angsty teen years from the early 2000's. 

It's always interesting how music taste cycles. As great as it is to find new music, there's something special about diving into the albums that accompanied your developing years. That's what this playlist is dedicated to. As much progress as you can make and as many things change in your life, it's nice knowing some things stay the same. 

1. Stab My Back - The All-American Rejects 

2. Hero / Heroine - Boys Like Girls 

3. Sowing Season (Yeah) - Brand New 

4. Holding Someone's Hair Back - Circa Survive 

5. Newport Living - Cute Is What We Aim For 

6. Rooftops And Invitations - Dashboard Confessional 

7. Your Heart Is An Empty Room - Death Cab For Cutie 

8. When I Go Out, I Want To Go Out On A Chariot Of Fire - Escape The Fate 

9. Everybody's Fool - Evanescence 

10. Of All The Gin Joints In All The World - Fall Out Boy 

11. Talking To The Walls - Finger Eleven  

12. All Around Me - Flyleaf 

13. Our Song - Goodnight Nurse 

14. Are We The Waiting / St. Jimmy - Green Day 

15. Language Lessons (Five Words Or Less) - Hawthorne Heights 

16.  The Reason - Hoobastank 

17.  This Is How I Disappear - My Chemical Romance 

18.  Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! - The Mint Chicks 

19.  Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks - Panic! At The Disco 

20.  crushcrushcrush - Paramore 

21.  Waiting - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 

22.  Some Sense Of Security - Saosin 

23.  Shut Up! - Simple Plan 

24.  All That I've Got - The Used 

25.  Everything I'm Not - The Veronicas 

26.  Keeper - Yellowcard 

27.  Car Crash Weather - 48May