Progression In Stages: Ghost Town

The initial of our Ghost Town design was a bit different compared to the final version shown in our Shop. It was instead a full body, coloured variant, with tattoos covering the arms, hands and torso.

All of the tattoos in the design are references to the inspired material of Gotenks from Dragon Ball Z’s ‘Super Ghost Kamikaze’ attack.


The design was intended to be a full front print, however due to some of the finer details of the design, many of the references were lost in the sizing restrictions. We reworked it and decided to only include the head and go for more of a centred design. To further strip back the design, we opted to only include the colours typically found in a manga (the fill of white from the paper, with the dark outline/ shading stroke colour).


We couldn’t be happier with how the design turned out, with the high quality print we were able to retain all of the detail, even on the finer points.