Decisive Design: PRTYxHRD

Our PRTYxHRD design holds a special place in our brand. It was the first design that I had done that made it feel as though this was all possible. For all of the designs that I’ve done over the years leading up to the brand launch, this one was something special. Both for it’s layout, as well as it’s significance. 

The design came about at a really interesting time, which I think reflects in it’s details.

It was a weird time for me personally. I never seemed to be home. I was either at work, at a show, or lounging around at a mates place. Times I look back on fondly. The rowdy house parties, the hungover cartoon/movie marathons, and the hazy days in the sun. Times I spent building bonds and cementing lifelong friendships.


Some designs simply take their own shape. PRTYxHRD was definitely one of those designs. From the initial concept scribble, it has essentially remained the same, aside from the inclusion of our logo acting as a backing texture.


To see how the design turned out on the garments, check out our Shop.